Together We Can Stop Ebola / by Morgana Wingard

Client: UNICEF Liberia / Ministry of Health, Republic of Liberia

We developed this short PSA recently for UNICEF Liberia and the Ministry of Health in Liberia to help combat that rampant disbelief that Ebola is real. Unfortunately, many Liberians believe more in corruption than the Ebola Virus. Rumors and gossip have spread that it's a tactic for the government to get more money or worse.  UNICEF Liberia is sharing the film as part of their elaborate community outreach through social media and video clubs across the country. 

Archbishop Lewis Zeigler,  Sheikh Kafumba Konneh,  Assistant Minister of Health Tolbert Nyenswah, and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf herself came together to share this message: Together we can stop Ebola.

Watch the full length PSA here

If you're wondering who "we" is above, it's the shop we've setup in Liberia for film, photography and design. You can see more of our work at