Need Aerial Photography in Liberia?? by Morgana Wingard

Do you need awe-inspiring images of your project to impress that potential curmudgeon, waffling investor? Or scenic scapes documenting the progress of your work for your annual report? Or images to impress for your website or promo brochure to drive clients by the droves to your new resort? Nothing can capture your mining, construction, or real estate, project like the unique view from the air. From poster shots of completed projects to monthly progress reports, we provide unique top-quality photography to meet your marketing and fundraising needs in-country so you don’t have to pay to fly in a film crew from oversees.    

If you're interested in aerial photography in Liberia, contact Morgana at or 0888102601 for more information.

Monrovia Fashion Week: Le Mirage by Morgana Wingard

I've secretly always wanted to do fashion. Today my dreams came true. And not just fashion, but African fashion. I played with a few friends organizing Monrovia Fashion Week 2013. Reminds of my senior year in college at TPM when we'd procrastinate studying for finals by doing elaborate photo shoots. There's nothing more thrilling and exciting than the collaboration of talented artists. Enjoy... and look out for more information about Monrovia Fashion Week in December. 

  • Designer: Le Mirage
  • Models: Akouavi Tehoungue & Yacine Jamal
  • Hair: Palmera Design
  • Make-Up: Ayo Brown
  • Photography: Morgana Wingard


Feeling Gaudi by Morgana Wingard

The toughest stories to photograph are the closest ones. Typically, I overlook them or avoid them like a telemarketer. [...] As I stood in the sanctuary of Gaudi's most visited construction site, I realized today's story is the man in front of me. My dad, a talented architect himself, was finally standing inside the creation of one his favorite architects and he couldn't see it.

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