Words Mightier Than The Sword by Morgana Wingard


(Our latest piece for Forbes Africa with Clair MacDougal)

By Clair MacDougal

"I like to talk to the common people, I don’t like politics.”

Mae Azango sits on the edge of her bed in her old home that is wedged in a rocky enclave between the gray United States embassy and the modern apartments occupied by expatriate workers in Mamba Point, the poshest part of Monrovia, Liberia. Azango’s larger-than- life personality fills every inch of the dim, cramped, lemon-colored room where she lives with her 11-year-old daughter, Madasi. Within five minutes Azango has hijacked the interview and is yelling out the story of how she came to be one of the best-known female journalists in Liberia. Without a hint of irony, Azango refers to herself in the third person, claims to be a household name and universally feared by Liberia’s political establishment; then announces to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that she will never compromise herself by taking a job from her. { Read the full article below }

Monrovia Fashion Week: Le Mirage by Morgana Wingard

I've secretly always wanted to do fashion. Today my dreams came true. And not just fashion, but African fashion. I played with a few friends organizing Monrovia Fashion Week 2013. Reminds of my senior year in college at TPM when we'd procrastinate studying for finals by doing elaborate photo shoots. There's nothing more thrilling and exciting than the collaboration of talented artists. Enjoy... and look out for more information about Monrovia Fashion Week in December. 

  • Designer: Le Mirage
  • Models: Akouavi Tehoungue & Yacine Jamal
  • Hair: Palmera Design
  • Make-Up: Ayo Brown
  • Photography: Morgana Wingard