Bowery Transitional Center by Morgana Wingard

Today I spent the day at the Bowery Transitional Center hearing the stories of the men who live and work there.  One thing I've learned is that homelessness can happen to anyone.  We talked to a former marine who worked on wall street but hasn't been able to find a job for months.  One man is a graphic designer.  Another a commercial truck driver.  One lost his house because the city kicked him out after his mother died even though they lived there since he was a child.  Homelessness can happen to anyone.  These are photos of a few of the men who live and work at the Bowery Transitional Center in Manhattan.

The Bowery Mission Transitional Center is the result of a groundbreaking partnership between New York City’s Department of Homeless Services and The Bowery Mission.  Their highly successful 6-to-9 month program is designed to transition formerly homeless drug-addicted men into independent living.  Residents participate in counseling, addiction recovery, career education and training at their on-site career center, and work experience both in-house and then off-site.  77 men can participate in the program at one time, living in single-room occupancy units. Since it opened its doors in January of 1994, The Bowery Mission Transitional Center has helped more than 1,500 men move out of the New York City shelter system.  Each year, The Bowery Mission Transitional Center is been ranked by the Department of Homeless Services among the most effective substance abuse centers in the City.

This is part of a series I'm doing for Hope for New York documenting the faces of that make up the incredible programs they support all over the city.