Handiwork / by Morgana Wingard

Angela loves hands. And we love her. You can tell a lot about a person by their hands. You can tell how hard they've worked on a woodworking project. You can tell how many years they've been baking. You can tell when they're about to have a baby. You can tell how they treat dogs. You can tell how careful or how careless they might be. And if you pay close enough attention the hands start to tell a story. They seem to have the strength sometimes to just exist without a wrist, a forearm, a bending elbow, and the whole body really. But the beautiful thing about them is how intricately they are woven into the human heart. And as they age you really get to see how connected they are. In time the veins within them bear witness to their reliance upon that heart. Angela has touched all our hearts in a very specific way. And our hearts have moved our hands to create this for her. Happy birthday. We love you very much. - Bryson Wyatt