From Ebola patient to survivor to activist: Korlia's story / by Morgana Wingard

As a Physician Assistant, Korlia Bonarwolo was just doing his job when he provided care for his colleague in the emergency room of Redemption Hospital in New Kru Town, Liberia. When, despite his efforts, she tragically died, a chill ran down his spine. "What if it was Ebola, and what if I am next?" he thought. Ten days later, he began to experience signs and symptoms of Ebola. But thanks to his quick thinking and early treatment, Korlia survived. Now, he is helping train fellow healthcare workers assigned to Ebola Treatment Units, and is spearheading the formation of an association of survivors in his native Liberia. "Somebody who survived Ebola should be celebrated," he says. We couldn't agree more. Watch his inspiring story - just one of many #ISurvivedEbola will help share. For more on Korlia and other Ebola survivors, check out